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Legal Therapeutic Psychedelic Sessions and Ceremonies, Preparation, Integration and Events in Compliance With Prop 122 & SB 23-290


Our mission is to assist modern society with the healthy integration of intentional psychedelic practices for both healing and personal improvement via psychedelic education, preparation, facilitated psychedelic sessions, integration support and related services and events. We go beyond psychedelic assisted therapy into the realm of psychedelics as a practice (PaaP) - a framework we have developed encompassing many modalities of psychedelic practice to support a wide range of intentions, from healing trauma, depression and anxiety to personal and spiritual development.

It is truly our life's honor to facilitate these experiences and help others implement intentional psychedelic practices of their own. Get in touch to book a session, reserve your spot in a scheduled ceremony or community gathering, be informed of events, or just to ask some questions!

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Scheduled Group Ceremonies

We hold prescheduled ceremonies at various locations in the greater Denver and Colorado Springs areas, as well as remote mountain and nature retreat settings. Some of our ceremonies are themed, while others are a blank canvas, but all are intentional, communal, and primed for magic. 

The group journey has its own unique benefits. Get in touch via the link below or email your inquiry to to learn about our upcoming ceremonies and save your space.

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Private Journeys

Private journeys are available to individuals, couples, families, organizations, and other small-medium-size groups. 

The private container offers a more intimate, and deeply personalized experience. We work closely in collaboration with you to create the ideal set and setting to maximize potential surrounding your unique intention. These packages often include extended integration coaching and support.

Get in touch via the link below or email your inquiry to to learn more about how to begin your journey.


Are you looking for hands-on experience working with psychedelics in both group and private settings across a range of modalities and frameworks? Whether you're a medical or psychiatric professional considering incorporating psychedelics into your practice, or an individual who has completed a psychedelic training program and looking to pursue a future in psychedelic work, we offer apprenticeships and mentorship in a direct experiential format. We look forward to working with you!

Brent has been so impactful on my journey to finding and healing myself through psychedelics. His knowledge is outstanding as he understands the chemical structure of things and explains in depth how it acts on the body. His passion and knowledge is what made me decide to do some work with him because it allows me to feel comfortable. Thanks to him I had moments in some journeys where I was able to understand the root of my negative thoughts and transform my experience into something so beautiful. I can’t recommend him enough if you are looking to discover more about yourself and heal hidden parts of your heart. 

-Carla (Reiki Practitioner and Sound Healer)


David - Nurse Practitioner (Traveled from CA)

"I write this with the highest regard for my friend, brother, and guide in this crazy journey we call life. Brent curated the perfect environment and instilled words of wisdom as I embarked on my first true DMT experience. The experience itself showed me how much I am loved and increased my capacity to love. It was made possible through the guidance and loving nature of who Brent is. A genuine soul who holds such a passion for helping others through psychedelic medicine."

Don - Physician & Surgeon (Traveled from TX)

"I found Jornada online after deciding that I wanted to experience a Legal Ceremony in Colorado. Brent and team are experienced facilitators, with extensive knowledge, thoroughness, and preparation so that the Ceremony provided integration and a communal experience far exceeding my expectations. I look forward to more events and I recommend that my patients who are looking for alternative healing work with Jornada." 

Steph (Denver)

"I've done years of therapy, but this experience reminded me how important it can be to combine my spiritual practices with my efforts to heal. This opportunity came at a particularly transitionary point in my life, and I gained a lot of confidence and peace because of the intentionality and practices integrated into the process. Brent and the team curated an incredibly welcoming, safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space to bring complete strangers together to reconnect with themselves and each other. I especially appreciated post-ceremony integration sessions, where we reflected on the experience together. I would recommend to anyone looking to elevate their connection to self, to the spiritual, or their healing practice. My only advice: go in with an open mind!"

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